One bright sunny afternoon, I was travelling along a quiet street, trying out my new found toy – a Canon EOS Rebel T3.  There was this pair of green eyes staring at me unblinkingly, observing my every move as I was approaching it.  Of course cats don’t blink like human, but those eyes were striking because they belong to a black cat sitting in front of a black tyre.

“Let the darkness hide me and the light around me be night” Ps139:11 (JB)

Often, when I commit sin, I believe the devil’s lie that it is secret, no one knows except myself, not even God.  Who will know if I steal a lustful glance?  Who can tell if I permanently delete all the porn sites after visit?  Who will find out if I send an anonymous email to slander someone in the office?  Deep down, I know that I’m fooling myself, but my evil self has an upper hand.  And I continually preferred to live in this lie.  Hiding from God when I am supposed to Seek Him.

“even darkness is not dark for you and the night is as clear as day” Ps 139 :12

No one can see a rainbow in the night sky even there is one.

As what my wife often said:  walk close with Jesus, He is the Light Who will dispel all darkness in us, and in His Light, there are no shadows.  By B


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