Do you STILL love me?

Every prudent man acts with knowledge, But a fool displays folly.  Prov 13:16 (NASB)

Remember my little frog?  I wanted to paint a little frog sitting on a lotus leaf… but I got so carried away painting the frog, I forgot all about the overall perspective, taking into consideration the lotus flowers and leaves.  Midway through the painting, i realised with horror my big mistake, but it was too late. My little frog now looked like a huge “bullfrog”!  I doubt any leaf can take the weight of that frog! I was little sad and disappointed when i completed the painting. I learnt a costly art lesson that day – always pause, take a step back, and look at the overall painting.

In life, we are often faced with such situations. We can become so impulsive and reckless in what we say or do, we often neglect to evaluate the consequences and repercussions of our words and actions, on ourselves and those around us.  Sadly, sometimes the consequences or damages are irreparable or even irreversible. One moment of folly… a lifetime of regret.

Thank you Lord for teaching me an invaluable lesson through the humble frog.   By R


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