WYSIWYG is only an illusion …

When it is hot and sunny with fewer rainy days, the plant that thrives very well is Bougainvillea.  It blooms with varieties of colors, pink, purple, yellow, red and orange too.  Sometimes we can find them hanging on overhead bridges, or growing along pavements, with minimum care.  However, I realized, when I examined this photo, that the real flowers are actually tiny and white.  Those beautiful colors actually come from the bracts.  

Upon reflection, it fits well with what I’ve foolishly believed too when I constantly desired what worldly pleasures offered.  I chose to live in my illusion. Seeing beauty in faces which were buried under thick powder.  Attracted by big eyes that were actually the visual effects of mascara, false eyelashes and lenses.  Drawn to long hair that has been extended and colored.  Ogling at cleavages that were the results of multilayered padding.

In our world today, what-you-see-is Not Necessarily what-you-get. In believing the devil’s lies, one can spiral down into an illusionary tunnel of fantasy.  Yet, I believed that the constant whisper of God’s Spirit will awaken the sinner’s soul.

Lord, open our eyes that we might see.  Amen.              By B


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