Painting through the Spirit – the coffee man

My husband loves coffee.  No, this is not a painting of him.  This is the neighbourhood coffee man making coffee in his coffee shop.

Three years ago, after much prayer asking God what His will was for me, He inspired me to pick up watercolour as a hobby to paint for Him. However, as it was new to me, i found it very difficult and challenging. I had to put my trust in the Holy Spirit that if He called me, then surely, HE must teach me.

This was my first figure painting. I tried painting the face initially, but it was horrid.  After a few pointers from my art mentor, and praying to the Holy Spirit to guide me, i did the actual painting.  When my mentor complimented the final painting,  i knew at that instant exactly who was behind my painting – the Holy Spirit!  Indeed, i could not have done it on my own.

I enjoy painting through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and i have always prayed to HIM to paint with me, through me and in me.  He has always been my source of inspiration and my help.

Last year, after i discovered my husband’s infidelity, my spirituality and passion for painting took a dive.  I couldn’t paint for 2 months.

This August, another incident devastated me further.  I lost my interest again and, since then, i have not picked up my brush.  Yes, art is about passion and techniques, but also very much about my emotions and spirituality.  They are reflected through my paintings and affect how the latter turns out.  

Yet God, in His love, continues to call and inspire me to return to painting through a most unexpected way – fellow bloggers and artists!  I read, i appreciate, i like, i follow and i feel their joy, their zeal, their passion.  Then, my fingers start to tingle again.

And i thank God for them!  Who knows?  One day, i may pick up my brush again … i hope … very soon.              By R

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you ALL things …  (including ART)   John 14:26 (NASB)

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