And here’s how we make our coffee …

“So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ …”  Matt 6:31  (NIV)

Coffee or kopi?  It’s that 1 cup or many cups that some can’t do without to kick start or fuel their day.

We prefer our coffee made the traditional manual way.  Coffee beans are roasted and grind; boiling water is poured into the coffee powder and stirred; coffee is then strained through a sieve into a cup where condensed milk, and sometimes evaporated milk, has already been added. The coffee man is so important that he can make or break a shop’s business by how good his coffee is in drawing regular customers.

One of the advantages of art that i really enjoy is composing and painting a unique picture that tells a story, whether from photographs or memory. The coffee man or kopi-chek is a part of our culture.

However, we can at times be far too dependent on something such that without it, we can barely survive the day. It can be that little cup which provides our caffeine fix.

How wonderful if we can say the very same thing about God. Without GOD, we will surely not live to see the day.     By R

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