Heaven is for little children …

One of the best gifts God has given to me to learn, and truly experience His unconditional love for me, is to be a parent. To be a mother of two, plus one more in heaven.

Children. They argue. They squabble. They quarrel. They fight. But, not long after, they forget, they reconcile, they laugh and they love again.

For adults, they argue, quarrel, even fight, maybe even split up, never to see each other’s face again.

When parents neglect or abuse their little children, they still will cling on to their dear parents because they are the only parents they have. Sometimes, children are more faithful to undeserving parents than married couples are to each other, who with full consent took the vow “till death do us part”.

When the going gets rough in our lives, we get angry, sometimes very angry with God, for His seeming unfairness, His absence, His cruelty, His unfaithfulness. But, He is just the innocent bystander watching His children suffer, quarrel and fight, because of our pride and our own sins. And sometimes, He can’t do much about it, except to continue to love us unconditionally.       By R

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  Matt 18:3  (NIV)


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