The True Followers…

Since the day we started this blog, there is always an excitement we feel whenever someone ‘like’s our post. More so when someone ‘follow’s; there is a huge sense of accomplishment.  After a quick check on the list of followers, however, one can’t help but realise that some follow because they want you to reciprocate by following them.  Some unfollow pretty soon when you don’t respond to them. Some lead you to their blog so that you may purchase something for Christmas. The list goes on…. And, of course, with a grateful heart, we thank those who are sincere followers, may the Lord bless you abundantly!
Undoubtly, Jesus had the same experience and heartache too. He knew His followers’ hearts, and their true intention of following Him. Even at this current time, He is fully aware of the intentions of those of us who proclaim to be Christians.
Often, I say I’ll follow Jesus but deep down inside, I want Him to follow me instead and I want Him to be available when I call.  At times I want Him to follow me so He will buy my idea, although I pray: Thy will be done.  I unfollow Him time and again whenever I want to indulge in sin, in flesh.
But I know I’m fooling myself, as He already stated the condition clearly for His followers…

“If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself and take up his cross and follow me” Matt 16:24 (JB)

By B


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