I tell God : “NO!”

Do you believe that all human beings are born with a tinge of “rebellion” ?  This negative trait seems flowing in our blood from the day we are conceived.

Just like the way our first parents obstinately ignored the one and only thing they shouldn’t touch, we too often put God to the test.  Throughout the Bible’s history and even up till today, we continually rebel against the One Who has made us. We can observe that in toddlers saying “no!” to their parents at a tender age.  Teenagers do the opposite of what they have been advised.  Don’t they?

It always fascinates me when I read Exodus, and wonder why the Israelite who had experienced so many dramatic and spectacular miracles in Moses’ time, would still stubbornly refuse to follow God, and end up dying outside of the promised land.  If I were present to witness water turned into blood, and the slaying of the first-born, and the crossing of the Reed sea on dry ground, surely I would not turn my back against this awesome God!  Or so I thought.


Upon reflection on my own life however, my perception changed.  Our rebellion and stubbornness has little to do with spiritual experiences.  I, too, had my fair share of miracle encounters.  Through prayers, God granted miracles as small as getting a cab at an impossible timing, or big ones like a comatose girl coming back to life.  Yet, my decision to follow Jesus has been obstructed by a rebellious and stubborn heart.  Like the Israelite, time and time again, I obstinately decide to worship the pagan gods of the flesh, of the material world, of death.

At the bottom of all these, I know, it is PRIDE.  It is something we inherited from Adam and Eve.  Pride will teach a child to say “no!”.  Pride will lead  teenagers to believe that they are smarter than their parents.  Pride in me almost destroyed my family and my soul.  Now my prayer is often to ask for Humility, the antidote to Pride.               By B

But they did not listen or pay attention; instead, they followed the stubborn inclinations of their evil hearts. They went backward and not forward.  Jer 7:24 (NIV)

2 thoughts on “I tell God : “NO!”

  1. Totally true. Likewise I’ve wondered many times how the Israelites can blatantly “forget” what God did. Pride and a sense of entitlement messed them up, and though today we are still susceptible to this weakness, we have Jesus (the keeper of our faith) and we know that keeping our eyes on Jesus will be a steady road.


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