A time for rest …

The moment i saw this picture of the sleeping man, i felt inspired to paint it. It wasn’t exactly a beautiful picture; just a simple man having a quiet siesta behind some dilapidated buildings, away from all the hustle and bustle of life. A plastic bag and a pair of slippers were all he had. With a make-shift pillow under his head and a cold hard bench to lie on, he was fast asleep, oblivious to the world around him.

It’s a constant reminder to me – that there’s a time and a place for everything. A time to busy myself with all the cares of the world. A time to withdraw into myself and just be with God. Because He is always with me.

After our Medjugorje experience, I have grown in my relationship with God. Since then, i have been  trying to spend an hour in daily prayer (albeit failing many times along the way). It wasn’t easy to commit myself, what with bringing up our children and chores, taking care of my extended family etc. I have found that the more i spent time with Him, the more i fell in love with Him.

What started as a regular fixed place and time for prayer in the chapel eventually evolved into a somewhat intimate conversation with God, not just in prayer, but throughout the day, whether it was in the supermarket, washing dishes or cleaning. In fact, the more mundane the tasks, the more clearly i can hear His voice. The more i tune out the world, the more i tune in to Him. Contradictory, but true, at least for me.

Unfortunately, recent upheavals in my life have somewhat impaired my ‘antenna’. Either my emotions have disrupted my union with Him, or He’s still speaking but i am the one not listening. The latter seems more likely.

Maybe the Lord is doing what He once said to me “like gold that is tested in fire, I shall purify you.”       By R


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