Your ways are not My ways


God was the one who inspired me to take up watercolor painting which, frankly, wasn’t my choice of medium. He also led me to my art mentor. All it took was just one afternoon for me to say “yes” to Him and the watercolor medium, and the moment i saw a photo of an artist doing a painting demonstration, i instinctively knew that God wanted me to learn from him.

What followed was nothing short of Divine Providence.  My art mentor had no structured format, no fixed lessons and best of all, i could paint whatever i wanted! Everything fitted well with my tight family commitments. It suited me fine as i got to paint whatever inspiration i received from the Lord.

The first lesson was no easy task (See Near peaceful waters He leads me). I remembered sitting there after his demo, still not knowing how to paint, afraid to ask and feeling very lost.  Watercolor painting was just too difficult, the brush and the paint just wouldn’t obey me. I bowed my head in prayer desperately praying “Lord, you have to help me get through this!”

What was worse was that my mentor spoke mainly Mandarin, which i was not proficient in.  A purely self-taught painter, he was meticulous and a perfectionist, more of a realistic than an abstract artist. For months, i struggled to see the nuances in colour, tone and expression; as well as details that i hadn’t noticed before, such as light and shadow, shades of a shadow, even the shadows in a crack, the lines in a wrinkle, and the twinkle in an eye. It was as though God had ‘opened’ my eyes, to ‘perceive’ what i was seeing.

What amazed me was that after i had joined his class in August 2011, he held his very first solo art exhibition one month later. After fifty years of painting! In 2012, he held a teacher and students’ art exhibition, which i was very blessed to be a part of, although i was so undeserving as a newbie.

Coincidentally, while i try to paint with God’s inspiration, my mentor on the other hand loves painting with moral teachings. Sadly, his many years of plein air painting had affected his eyesight and his dabble in oil had caused eczema on his hands.

I continue to pray for him and i am so grateful to God for blessing me with my art mentor.        By R

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD.   Isaiah 55:8  (NASB)

(Photo taken of a man scrutinizing the Coffee man)


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