Remember me when I am small

Today’s a special day. The painting on the left was my first portrait attempt of our daughter. She herself drew this bird several years ago, and it is still her favourite painting. She could have been an artist if she hadn’t found greater joy and passion in writing. Her dream? To be a writer.

Looking back, i am filled with wistful thoughts and memories. Of a little girl who was truly a miracle from God.

Years ago, after a Good Friday overnight vigil, i had some mysterious skin problems, with layers of skin peeling from my hands and feet. Not knowing the cause, i was given X-rays of my stomach and hips to see if it could be related to rheumatoid arthritis. Before i went into the X-ray room, i had to sign an indemnity form, declaring i was not pregnant, which i felt was unlikely at that time. I was then placed on strong medication to prevent further inflammation.

Several months later, with great joy, i discovered i was pregnant. Then,to our greatest horror, the family doctor discovered the conception coincided with the date of the X-rays. He asked us how precious the child was to us and advised me to get an abortion. With heavy hearts, we told him abortion was not an option as we were Catholics and that we would accept God’s gift of our first child. Next, we sought further advice from a pro-life gynaecologist who gave us encouragement.

In the following months, i was plagued with anxiety and occasional  nightmares. As we were serving in Church at that time, the priest and fellow parishioners prayed over me and our baby. One day, just after Sunday mass, while praying at Our Lady’s grotto, i felt my water-bag burst. The next three hours were frantic, my labour was intensive. There was no time for any pain killers whatsoever. At the most excruciating moment when i thought i would die in labour, i gripped the rosary in my husband’s hand very hard. Suddenly and unexpectedly, i broke out into the gift of tongues! A child was born…

A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world.       John 16:21 (NIV) 

Yes, God gave us a lovely daughter, and it’s her birthday today.

Lord, we thank you for the gift of our daughter and for entrusting her to our care.  [On a side note: i can’t remember how and when, but my ‘mysterious’ sickness simply disappeared ever since.]


9 thoughts on “Remember me when I am small

  1. Your story brought back powerful memories for me as I experienced a similar outcome in my life, many years ago. I too was suffering from a strange virus which doctors tried all sorts of medication and then I too found out I was pregnant. We also were advised to have an abortion. Thank God we listened to Him rather than the doctors. Every time I look at my beautiful daughter I tremble to think we may have denied her life by not listening to Our Heavenly Father.

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    1. Thank you Jo for sharing your testimony with us. God does have a hand in our lives, with such similar experiences, though we may be in different parts of the world. He loves our daughters more than we could ever love them. and i am so glad we listened to Him. Thanks be to God!
      Were you healed of your strange virus too?


  2. Yes I was healed, Thank God and my daughter was a perfect little girl. We have told her the story and she is a living testimony against abortion


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