Cold, frozen and dead

What is Jesus‘ favourite food? Fish, fish and more fish. He helped to catch fish (Lk 5:6), He multiplied fish (Jn 6:11), He grilled fish and after His resurrection (Jn 21:12), when He asked for something to eat, they gave Him – fish (Lk 24:42).  And His symbol used by the Church is a…Fish.

This is my first attempt at painting a fish. It’s from a photo taken by my husband’s mobile phone when we visited the supermarket last week.  The hand below was my first trial painting of hand mentioned in Specially for you with love.  (Didn’t want to waste paper.)    

I painted this for my husband as he had a very inspired reflection on the fish. This Yellowtail fusilier (ikan taufu) is commonly used to make those springy fishballs/fishcakes that go well with noodles.    By R.

This is a cold, frozen, dead fish.
I’m just like the fish.
Cold, frozen, lifeless.
satan is the supervisor from cold storage. he’s good in keeping his catch in this condition.
But Jesus can use the fish to fill Peter’s net, to store a shekel in its mouth, to feed the magnitudes, and to prepare a breakfast at the beach… if I allow Him to.               By B

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