A Super Hungry Caterpillar

This culprit, hidden undercover, was discovered chomping away almost a third of our healthy petunia plant. Flowers, stalks and all. It was fat, and i thought it kind of ‘ugly’ only because i have an aversion to worms and creepy crawlies. (Ironically, i am always the one to discover them, whether it’s a green worm on green leafy vegetables or a white worm in my bowl of rice while eating in a restaurant.)

The day before, my husband had pruned the plant but didn’t notice anything amiss. While watering the plant, i had noticed some droppings and turned the plant around to discover with horror, this unexpected intruder, so stealthy and camouflaged.

This ‘encounter’ became a spiritual lesson for me. Sin is like that. Ever so often, we don’t realise how a tiny idea or desire planted by the evil one can grow out of control . Before long, what was initially a little weakness, a minor indulgence, a simple white lie, had quickly degenerated into an addiction, spiraling us helplessly and hopelessly downwards. No wonder St Peter exhort us:

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”   1 Peter 5:8  (NIV)

Anyway, since there was no one i could cry for help, i had to force myself to remove it together with the whole stalk of petunia flowers. I tried rearing it in a container, but sadly it didn’t live to grow into a butterfly.

I still wonder what kind of butterfly it would have turned out to be.  Anyone knows?      By R

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