Empty vessel

This clay vase of dried flowers on my prayer table provided me with much food for thought. Years ago, while in prayer, i pictured myself as a plain blue vase lying on its side. Subsequently, i ‘saw’ the vase being set upright, a bunch of lovely flowers placed into it. Instantly, what was merely an insignificant vase was transformed into something beautiful, complemented by the flowers.

I have come to realise i am but a mere earthen vessel in the eyes of my Saviour. If i would only humble myself like this plain vase, He will and can transform me into what He wants me to be – a better person.

Even if it is only for dried flowers, He can still use me, a vessel in His hands. But, will i allow Him to?         By R

Those who cleanse themselves from what is dishonorable will be instruments for special purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work.   2 Tim 2:21  (NIV)      

Note : I still don’t know the name of these flowers.

6 thoughts on “Empty vessel

    1. So sorry! i have just discovered i’ve not been sending out my replies correctly. No one knows i have replied. What a blunder! I am so embarrassed. Here’s my reply to you i sent on 5th March:
      Is it? It has slight tinge of silver. Maybe we can try to find out from the florist whom we bought from. It came with the roses which i painted.

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      1. Haha.. Don’t worry about not sending the reply. As for the dried lil blue flowers, I was just guessing it was lavender. I noticed many people put dried lavender in vases at home because of their scent. Please forgive if I was wrong.

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