Vine and Branches

I felt inspired to paint this 12th piece in 2012. Little did i know it would take me five weekly lessons to paint it. In terms of watercolor, technique, composition, however, it was a failure. The grapes began to look like raisins and i had half a mind to title it ‘Grapes of Wrath’.

Perhaps i had bitten off more than i could chew. I had to learn to paint and repaint the grapes, followed by the leaves. When i wanted to paint the rocks behind, i discovered the masking fluid had somewhat ruined the grapes and leaves, forcing me to do touch-up. I felt like i had ruined the whole painting.

My art mentor was rather meticulous. He told me that the grapes had to look round and edible; leaves supple with different shades and tones; light and shadows at correct angles; and the rocks had to look like, well, real rocks. Was he being too much of a perfectionist? Initially, i thought so, and couldn’t help but feel exasperated.

In hindsight, i felt that i had learnt much from him. Prior to that, i would simply take fleeting glances and gloss over things, people and nature. Now i would gaze intently, admire and be awed by God’s wonderful creations around me. Painting has somewhat changed my perspective of looking at His World. It has given me a greater sense of appreciation and gratitude for everything and everyone i encounter. 

Learning watercolour painting has indeed taught me many spiritual insights. Most important of which is – i am but a poor imitator, GOD alone is still the ultimate Perfect Artist.       By R

Note:  Yesterday afternoon, i was having some doubts about painting my inspirations from the Lord, about spending time on this blog, and more importantly, whether they were what God really wanted us to do. Then, in the evening, i was surprised by this Anonymous comment in Seed and Seeds. Perhaps it is God’s affirmation?  

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing.”   John 15:5  (NIV)

2 thoughts on “Vine and Branches

  1. Painting is a process not just to make a beautiful object but to explore our feelings towards the subject as a personal connection to our life. That is why I enjoy painting seascapes ( I am a Pisces) and flowers. ( I love gardening!)

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    1. So sorry Joyce! I have just discovered i’ve not been sending out my replies correctly. What a blunder! I replied you on 7th March.
      Hi Joyce! Thank you so much for your encouragement. I enjoy painting God’s creations too. I hope to improve and become a better artist for Him. God bless you always!


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