Facing the Truth

These are dried fig leaves. Perhaps the same kind used by Adam and Eve to cover themselves after they had eaten from the tree of knowledge, and hid themselves from God. Yet God called out to them and let them face their sin in the light of truth. He even replaced their silly looking leaf-loincloths and clothed them with leather garments. 

“For the man and his wife the Lord God made leather garments, with which he clothed them.”   Gen3:21

It has not changed much even till today. My first reaction after sinning would be to hide from God even though I know it is impossible. Next, I will dress myself in silly looking pretense. But God, in His mercy, wants me to face my wrongdoings in His Light. And when true contrition is made, He will cloth me with His Son.

Father, thank You for Your unending love and mercy. Amen              By B


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