Missing little Pete

Yes i know, another bird again! But then this was my special little pet bird. And Jesus always mentioned birds too. God dropped them down from heaven, so we adopted them 1,2,3…8,9? We lost count…

In 2005, we picked up Pete (our 2nd yellow-vented bulbul and 5th bird) who had fallen from the same sealing-wax palm tree as our 2nd bird. Probably from the same careless parents too!

We believed he was the answer to our children’s prayers. Pete became such an intimate member of our family. Whenever we prayed, he would perch but also poop on our shoulders. He flew and played hide and seek with the children and invariably won at the game as he could always find them in the rooms, behind doors or toilets. He was always curious about the kitchen. Thank God he didn’t end up getting roasted! He pecked and fought with Ben but whenever he knew he was losing, he would seek refuge between my feet. He perched on my shoulder as i watered the plants, and pecked at our petunias. And he even tried drinking our coffee!

Pete was with us for more than 6 months before he started his unusual wing displays. We thought it must be some form of courtship and that he was ready for a mate. Every day, he would perch on the railing of our front gate, facing the sky and singing so melodiously. It was music to our ears, praising God every day.

One day, while perching as usual, a pile of heavy stuff fell on the floor. It startled Pete so much that he flew off. By the time we unlocked the gate and frantically called “Pete! Pete!” over our corridor, he was nowhere to be seen. In his panic, he must have flown too far out for him to respond and recognise our house as all units in the block looked similar to him.

Months later, on 2 occasions, we saw 2 yellow-vented bulbuls perched on the corridor’s railing outside our door.  We like to think that was our Pete bringing his girlfriend to visit us.

We thank God for blessing us Pete. It has been 10 years. Oh, how i miss Pete.      By R


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