Follow the Leader

“All our students are trained to be future leaders” – I remember hearing this from the principal of a school and then thinking aloud, “if everyone is a leader, who will be the followers?!” It is common in the context of today’s society that many wish to be leaders. Some are truly called, but many are self professed. We try to lead but since there aren’t any followers, we desperately try to copy ideas, modify them and pass them off as our own in order to impress. Often we can see these in fashion designs, in public speeches, in blog posts and many other areas in our lives. God makes each of us “special” but we, in our own poor self image, try to make ourselves special in front of others.


I captured these birds in a photo one evening last year. And when I zoomed-in to take a closer look, I realised that perhaps there was only one leader in front. Although every bird is following in the same direction, each has its unique posture and beauty. Each bird is special.

Jesus said his disciples: “The greatest among you will be your servant” Matt23:11 (NIV)

Lord Jesus, give me grace to be humble and grateful for You have made me special. Amen.     By B


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