White stained …

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”, said Jesus. (Matt 5:8)  I always wonder how anyone can be 100% pure in heart when we are still living in this world. Somehow, the intentions in our thoughts, words and deeds are tinted with a tinge of “self”. Back when I was living in mortal sin, purity was literally light-years away from me. Even though the prodigal son may have returned home, purity is still far from my grasp. Perhaps this is reason I cannot see God.


This picture taken last July displays a purity of white. Yet the yellow center gives me the impression that God has “stained” it on purpose.  In the same notion, perhaps God has permitted sins in my life to teach me humility and total dependency on Jesus, allowing His blood to cleanse and purify me.  I may not have achieved 100% purity of heart, but from time to time, I still see His miracles present in my life and lives of others.       By B


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