It is complete

Finally, my seven-month old neglected painting is complete, after painting it in three separate sittings. It is also symbolic of my desire and longing to return to my once-personal relationship with Jesus.

The self-taught artist in the painting (God sees man paints) travels everywhere to paint out of his love for painting. His easel is made out of an old camera tripod, fastened with a piece of plywood cut-out to hold his paintbox and water, along with an assortment of western and Chinese brushes, complete with a simple foldable canvas chair and a trusty old luggage bag. All these just to pursue his passion.

What is my passion?

Firstly, I hope to reignite my love for learning art in thanksgiving to God for healing my trigger fingers. Four years ago, i had difficulty holding a ladle to cook, turning on a tap or opening a can of sardines, let alone holding a pencil or a brush. Now that i can, i must persevere to paint while i am still able to. Far too often, we regret opportunities missed and talents underutilised; Graces ignored, unappreciated and wasted. And before you know it, a life has simply ended.

Secondly, i praise and thank God for saving my marriage and my family, and hopefully, through this humble blog, we can share with others His Love, His Mercy and His miracles in our lives. Now, more than ever, we know how much our marriage and our family is worth fighting for. By the Grace of God, we hope to never take any of these for granted.

Thirdly, and most importantly to me, i desire to keep following Jesus. To be a faithful and true follower of Christ.       By R

Then Jesus said to Peter, “Follow me!”  John 21:19 (NIV)


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