A New Beginning

This painting, done with the help of a reference photo, makes me happy. It symbolises Hope and Joy; just like Easter. And the waters of new birth.

I enjoy painting as i can paint whenever i feel inspired by the Holy Spirit, and i also enjoy the freedom of composing my own story through a picture, albeit not always successfully like my humongous bullfrog sitting on a small lotus leaf. But i have learnt from my mistakes.

For someone who once worked in the travel line and had the privilege to fly to places for incentive tours and courses, and went on pilgrimages, i have, in recent years, developed a phobia for flying due to motion sickness. My biggest regret is not having taken more photos to be used as references when i started watercolor painting in late 2011.

Consequently, i have had to resort to surfing the internet for photos to paint, being mindful of copyright issues, and selectively choosing non-photoshopped photos as reference to depict what the photographer actually sees. 

When i was younger, i had yearned to see and experienced the ‘greener’ pastures – the mountains and seas, flora and fauna, and the four seasons. Here, it is always sun, rain, sun, rain… and our highest ‘mountain’ is merely 164 metres. 

Now, i realise that God does have His purpose for me, in this country. This is where He has placed me, and this is where i shall stay put. This is where my green pasture is – so i have started painting some local scenes and others for nostalgia’s sake – and with His inspiration.

Now and then, i may post some of my former paintings while i take more time to paint the more complex ones. Perhaps, this is a new beginning to further inspirations.

Dear Lord, please give me Your inspiration to paint for You and with You always.  Amen.       By R

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!    2 Cor 5:17 (NIV)


10 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. There’s mystery in the future (distance) That’s my take on this one. No way, shape, or form, am I an art critic. But I do know what I like and I like this one. I see it as a journey for mature adults, due to the size of the trees and “autumn” in their lives. And that’s my station in life; so I can relate very well.

    Paint from whatever inspires you! You have a great gift.

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      1. Wow, so sorry it has been 3 days to reply! I just discovered a block of comments and questions from days ago which I never addressed…(egg on my face!)

        Hope you will accept my apology…enjoy your weekend!


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