The Rugged Hands

It is human nature to like beautiful things. On the WordPress Reader-page, we are often attracted to nice pictures of people, sceneries and animals. Hence, I was hesitant when posting this photo of my 91 year-old mother’s hands. However, as I was holding and touching them last evening, I realised how indebted I am to this pair of hands. Although I received much chastisement from them but there were fond memories of their tender touch, leading and guiding me. These hands that are full of prominent dark veins and deformed knuckles were the result of long, hard labour, especially since my mum became a widow when I was eight. No amount of words can describe the pains and hardships she had to endure to bring up five children alone.

Dear Jesus, I thank You for these hands.
I ask for Your grace and blessings on the one who used them to labour for love.
As these fingers run through each bead of the Rosary, may Your peace and joy descend upon my mother whom You have created for me. Amen.      By B

Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate. Prov 31:31(NIV)

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