Absent-Minded Prayer

My Morning = Shower + Brushing teeth + Combing hair + Cup of coffee.  It has been my routine for many years, so much so that I can do them subconsciously or unconsciously.  There was this particular morning that I absent-mindedly applied toothpaste on my comb!  There and then I had to decide whether to put the comb into my mouth or to gel my hair with the toothpaste.  It was funny, but the Lord was telling me through that incident that I shouldn’t live my life in such an absent-minded manner.  I have to inculcate a keen sense of awareness, especially of the people, things and events around me.  And, most importantly, to be highly aware of God’s involvement in all these, so that I can be reminded to give thanks and praise to Him.

Dear Lord, grant Your Spirit to keep my body, mind, soul and heart in constant awareness of Your omnipresence.  Amen.              By B


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