…and the End, finally

After finishing the draft, i first painted the right 3 figures in class, which was a rather slow and tedious process as the figures were quite small. I painted the rest at home whenever i could squeeze in some time – continuing with the 2 figures on the left, the background walls and then the middle area. When I returned to class, the piece was almost completed except for the foreground.

To my surprise, my art mentor was pleased with it, and encouraged me to apply for membership in the watercolor society. He had suggested it previously, but I had turned it down as I did not think it was what God wanted and all i desired was to paint my inspiration. I know, deep down in my heart, everything I painted was with the help of the Holy Spirit, and i am nothing but merely a brush in His hands.

I had gone through my mentor’s Yunnan photos before, but had never noticed this photo. I felt the inspiration to paint these simple elder villagers sitting and watching the world go by.

Yes, i have sometimes been so distracted by worldly demands that “i see but never perceive, hear but never understand” (Mark 4:12), and have failed to acknowledge and appreciate the special moments that God gave me..       By R

“Since my youth, God, you have taught me, and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds.”     Psalm 71:17


8 thoughts on “…and the End, finally

    1. Thank you! I used to use a magnifying glass too but i found it too tedious for detailed paintings. The original photo was originally 4″x6″, but we scanned and printed it onto an 8″x11″ paper. The final painting is 14″x20″. Have a blessed day and enjoy your painting!

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    1. I have always admired the great Renaissance artists, and realised they must have been so Divinely inspired because how else could they create such awe-inspiring works of art. All of us have different undiscovered talents, and i am sure you have too. I just use my little talent for God and He does greater things with it. 🙂 Praise be to God!

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      1. Such a beautiful thought; thank you for sharing it! As I just mentioned to another wonderful reader, we were simply dust of the earth before God created man, and woman from his rib.

        Now that’s pretty humbling to think about. God breathed life into us, and enabled us with gifts to do His works.

        And when we work with what He gives us, sincerely and with our best efforts, He can make things turn out even greater than we can imagine sometimes!

        A truly Amazing God, indeed!


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  1. So Wonderful! It seems to me that you can honor God whether you are a member of the watercolor society or not. But if you are a member, your work would be seen by more people. Wouldn’t that be another way to share your talents with the world and let your light shine?

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    1. Thanks Linda, you are right. I am still praying about it. In my teacher and student exhibition in 2012, i had discreetly placed Bible verses just after the titles of the 4 paintings. Some people actually noticed and asked me about it! May God’s Light shine in my paintings. Thank you Linda, and my God bless your blog and all your writings too.


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