Did Jesus really say that?

We, who can see, follow the world blindly; yet the blind, who can’t see, follow us trustingly.  When we are young, we may become myopic, but as we age, we naturally become presbyopic.

It is ironic how we are sometimes more careful about what we eat or drink to nourish our body, than what we see, watch or read to nourish our soul.

When i was pregnant, i heard many old wives’ tales. They said if i want my baby to have fair and smooth skin, i should eat more papayas and drink more soya bean milk. And if i want my baby to be pretty or handsome, i should gaze more at beautiful baby pictures. Well, i didn’t follow their advice, but i am very happy with the beautiful children God has blessed us with.

I have always questioned why Jesus was so harsh about our eyes and would prefer us to be partially blind and go to heaven.

The truth is, in our world today, the assault is primarily on our eyes and the root cause of many of our sins (whether pride, greed, gluttony, lust or envy) can be traced back to our eyes. We become what we watch, read and see.  

A spiritual reflection from my patron saint, St Padre Pio:

“It is necessary to guard all your senses particularly your eyes: they are the means by which all the fascination and charm of beauty and voluptuousness enter the heart. When fashion, as in our time, is towards provocation and exposes what formerly was even wrong to think about, caution and self-restraint must be exercised. Whenever necessary you must look without seeing and see without thinking about it.”       By R & B

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