Water and falls

My Chinese art mentor advised me that a good artist should learn to paint anything and everything, in his words :”天上飛的~地上爬的~水裡游的” **. As for me, I am so in awe of God’s creation that this is exactly what i secretly aspire to do – to paint anything the Holy Spirit inspires me.

I have enjoyed every painting so far, good or bad, because there is just so much to learn in observing and painting. God’s inspiration is infinite, my hands are finite; but with God, nothing is impossible. And if the result is good, it is God’s bonus to me!

Springs and rivers, lakes and seas, in fact, water is mentioned very often in the Bible. I’ve always wanted to attempt to paint a waterfall – gazing at a picture of one fills me with awe and brings a refreshing outpouring of God’s grace into my soul.       By R

He makes springs pour water into the ravines;  it flows between the mountains. They give water to all the beasts of the field;  the wild donkeys (that’s me!) quench their thirst.   Psalm 104:10-11  (NIV)

** Anything that flies in the heavens, crawls on the earth and swims in the waters


9 thoughts on “Water and falls

  1. What a great outlook on life–to learn all you can and to paint what God inspires. With God’s inspiration being infinite, how could we ever run short of story ideas or subjects for art?

    I chuckled at you calling yourself a wild donkey.

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  2. I love your work. My medium is oil painting and my favorites are my seascapes.(I am a Pisces so maybe that’s why.)I agree that artists are inspired by God and I love to try and capture His handiwork in my art.Some of my art is posted on my blog.Do you sell yours?

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  3. A beautiful, humble post which praises God for your ability to see the wonders of His creation, and desire to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead in painting them!

    Carry on with the good work…


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