Fish no prawns

I know nothing about fishing, but i did learn how to catch prawns with a simple rod, a short line, a hook and a tiny bait. That was a few years ago until Jesus taught me that there were better things i could catch and do.

It all started when we chanced upon a fishing area, where there were several ponds, into which blue mountain prawns were released for the prawn-catchers. We soon caught on to this alternative to fishing, which is uncommon in our country. 

Catching prawns was a skill to be learnt, one that required patience and experience, knowing where and how to lure them. But, the greatest challenge had to be knowing the exact moment to hook them up with one quick flick of the rod upwards and then down again towards the water. In the beginning, we often end up red-faced, getting the hook caught in the attap leaves on the roof, the pillars or anywhere… but catching no prawns.

With more experience, we became so adept at it that we even knew where the best fishing spots were, and roughly how big the prawn will be judging from the tug at the lines. The Spirit also taught me to always bless the pond before we start. The satisfaction increases with the challenge of hooking bigger prawns or getting a larger catch.

One day, as i gazed into the pond waters, thinking of how to paint the lovely ripples of the water, i felt this desire to forgo the thrill of ‘prawning’ and immerse myself more in the greater joy of painting and, hopefully, inspiring others by His Words:

And Jesus said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”   Mark 1:17  (NASB)       By R

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