A Mother, a Child

My mother-in-law forgot that she had attended the wedding dinner of her grandson just the week before, but she could recall which of her children had not visited her in the nursing home recently.

My mother forgot and took the same medication twice yesterday, but she could remember that she had missed Ben’s birthday the week before and gave him an ang-pow (red packet with money inside) the week after.

Once upon a time, it was they who held our hands and nurtured us. Now, it is we who hold their hands and care for them.

God, if He so wished, could have just reincarnated into the world as an adult, but He humbled Himself and chose to be born of a woman – with a Mother to take care of His Son.

God chose our mothers for us too. In our eyes, they may be less than perfect, but in God’s eyes, every mother is perfect because she is still and always a Child of God.

While we can, let us remember to love and cherish our Mothers before they forget that we are their children:

Can a woman forget her nursing child And have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, but I will not forget you.”   Isaiah 49:15  (NASB)       By R

Have a Blessed Mother’s Day!       From Ben & Renee


6 thoughts on “A Mother, a Child

    1. Joyce, you are absolutely right! We should love them when they still remember us, and love them even after they have forgotten we are their children. And this is also how God still continues to love us even after we have forgotten all about Him.


  1. Renee,
    I am thankful for my mother. Like me, she isn’t perfect but God loves us both perfectly! I hope you had a terrific Mother’s Day. I watched a movie on Netflix last night called “Still Mine.” It’s based on a true story and one I’d recommend.


    1. Hi Linda! Thank you, and i hope your Mother’s Day was great too. I thank God for blessing us with our mothers, and i always pray that i may be a good mother to my children too. I will find time to watch the movie you recommended. Thanks and God bless your day!


    1. Sure Joseph! It is a privilege for us to be God’s instrument in this blog. We are touched that u took the trouble to ask. We will pray for you and those at the home too. God bless you!


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