God is nearer than you think…

Whenever and wherever we travel abroad, be it on a pilgrimage or otherwise, the one principle my wife insists on is to make the trip Spiritual. One of these family trips was in 2002, to a farm in Perth, Australia. There was nothing initially spiritual when we were planning it. However, a week before we left, we accidentally discovered this place called Rockingham – 30km South from where we were visiting – where a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes was reportedly “weeping”.  Authentic or not, we decided to forgo a day meant for shopping to pay a visit to this phenomena. Not long after we started off our journey, Renee spotted this huge billboard from the most inconspicuous place that tells it all. Coincidence? Or Providence? Is God pointing the way? Is He happy that we put Him first in everything we do, even in a holiday trip?


When I leave this Earth and return to God one day, I believe I will finally realise that God is nearer than what I imagined Him to be. For He has never left me at any moment from the womb to the tomb, even at my most sinful and darkest period of my life. And for that, I thank You, my Loving Father. Amen.       By B

“Your eyes saw all my actions, they were all of them written in your book; every one of my days was decreed, before one of them came into being.”    Psalm 130:16 (JB) 


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