The Waterfalls

I have finally finished my attempt to paint a waterfall (here) – gazing at it now fills me with joy and truly brings a refreshing outpouring of God’s grace into my soul. There are many lessons, both artistic and spiritual, that i have learnt from this painting.

God covered two-thirds of the world in water and i have just discovered there is often some element of water in my past paintings. Water has a relatively soothing effect on my soul – a reminder of my baptism, perhaps?

Beyond the cascading waters of the waterfall, the choppy waters rush and meander over smaller rocks, creating strong ripples which become weaker farther away. It is much like the river of our life.

Under the canopy of trees are the shadows. The thicker the canopy, the darker the shadows, so much so that we sometimes forget the sunlight above the canopy.

At times, we think we are invincible, but in contrast to God’s awesome creations, we are so minute, so insignificant. In comparison to the mighty waterfall, we are powerless. It is good to remember that we are but dust in God’s hands. 

Today is the Feast of the Ascension, when Jesus returned to His Father. But, Jesus promised to give us His Holy Spirit – my Helper, my Teacher and my Inspiration.       By R


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