Jesus is more than a friend

“Ka-Che!”, I called out loudly to my 70 year old sister who has hearing problem. This is how we address her since we were young because she is the oldest among the siblings. We were taught to respect anyone who is older or is in authority. The names of our parents will never cross our lips unless we are introducing them to others. Our son calls his sister “Ka-Che” too although they consider themselves as new generation. Somehow, addressing someone with a title carries some form of respect. A kind of respect that our society today truly lacks.

Lèse majesté is the crime of violating majesty, an offence against the dignity of a reigning sovereign or against a state. Many had been charged in Thailand for offending the King. Lèse majesté was first classified as a criminal offence against the dignity of the Roman Emperors, and one can guess the consequence of such a crime. And interestingly enough, this is the time when Jesus came to save us. It was upon this history backdrop that He told many parables about king and kingdom, reward and punishment, life and death. God was depicted as a king with ultimate power and unquestionable authority. Peter and his friends understood. Down the centuries, the Christian understood until…


We are living in the twenty-first century where society promotes democracy and free speech. Our children treat us like friends and call us by names, no different from the way they address their FB acquaintances. The respect one should observe in schools and in the presence of authority is diminishing. Like it or not, we will carry this behaviour into our church and our religion. Slowly but surely, in our heart, Jesus losses His Majesty, His Crown, His Throne. He is but a friend. When reverence is lost, God becomes irrelevant.

As Pentecost is approaching, may the Holy Spirit grant us the Spirit of Fear that we may be filled with a loving reverence towards God. For He is our King forever. Amen.         By B

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