It’s a bird, it’s a plant, it’s heliconia

When my brother forwarded a small photo of this plant he found among some wild undergrowth, my first thought was “wow, such lovely birds!”  Then on a closer look, i found out that they were in fact Heliconia Rostrata. As the plants were probably undernourished, the flowers in their full bloom looked exactly like majestic, dainty little birds in all their fine array.

This is a case of a plant ‘trying’ to look like birds. It’s no wonder they are called  False Bird of Paradise or also Hanging Lobster Claw! Interestingly enough, these flowers provide nectar for the birds too.

Seeing these beautiful flowers make me smile in amusement because of God’s sense of humour in nature. This is one of the proofs to me sometimes, although un-biblical, that God really does have a sense of humour, and, not only in His creations but in our lives too.       By R

5 thoughts on “It’s a bird, it’s a plant, it’s heliconia

  1. Renee,
    Lovely! I like how this photo reinforced your belief that God has a sense of humor. I agree. It’s probably far more developed than ours! There’s irony in the fact that birds enjoy this plant’s nectar. Thanks for this interesting post! Have a beautiful day among God’s earthly creation.

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    1. Hi Linda! Before painting, I did a research on heliconia as i have not seen a heliconia looking like this with all the flowers opened up looking like birds. Thank God for His humour and making this world a beautiful and interesting home. Have a blessed day too!


  2. That is very beautiful and unusual. I love Jehovah’s unique sense of humour. Sometimes He does something in my life that is unusual and I have to just stop and laugh and thank Him for His precious humour

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    1. I share your feelings, i have often experienced that too. God’s humour is what makes Him real to me, He can be serious but He also knows how to have a good laugh!


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