How Excellent Your Name is

“…When I think about the heavens,
The moon and the stars,
I wonder what You ever saw in me,
But You took me and You loved me,
And You’ve given me a crown,
And now I praise Your name eternally…”  (A Christian hymn)

Who am i Lord?

You who created all the heavens, the moon and all the stars.
You who created the majestic mountains and the raging seas.
You who created the animals of the earth, the birds of the air and the fish in the sea.
You who created poor little unworthy me?

What did you see in me?

I must be worth more than all of these for You created them for me.

I must be worth much more than all these to You, for Your Son to humble Himself and die for me.

In my joys, You rejoice with me,
In my sorrows, You never left me,
Throughout my life, You were always there for me.

For all these, i thank You for creating me.
And so i will continue to praise Your Name.          By R

“O Lord our God,
How excellent Your name is,
How excellent Your name in all the earth,
Your glory fills the heavens,
Beyond the furthest star,
How excellent Your name in all the earth…”  (Hymn)

(A Christian hymn based on Psalm 8.)

2 thoughts on “How Excellent Your Name is

  1. Excellent reflections, Renee! I love the way you shared your thoughts centered around words from hymns. Lovely painting–a tribute to God’s beautiful creation and man’s connection to it. Such great gifts you share here! Thank you! I enjoy making your posts part of my morning devotion. Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Peace be with you Linda! I really appreciate your comments and i give thanks to God for His inspiration and His love for all of us. You made our day, i mean night, as it’s 7 pm over here. God bless your day too!

      Liked by 1 person

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