In a NUTshell…

This is a case of going nuts over nuts, and since i can’t eat them, i just paint them!

I often paint with scriptural inspiration. Sometimes, i also try to capture the world or things around me which are passing and changing so rapidly, especially in our country, for nostalgia’s sake. Then, there are times when something amuses me and my fingers, or rather my brush, tingle to put paint to paper.  But no matter what i paint, there is often a lesson that God is teaching me, as shown in this nutty case.

Several years ago, i found out that i develop a mild allergy when i consume too much nuts. To my greatest consternation, i discovered that an integral part of my favourite local foods involved peanuts – whether in gravy, sauces or generous sprinkles over the dishes. I had to watch what and how much i eat. In addition, i discovered i had to be wary about chocolate and hot spicy stuff too. Too much of a sacrifice? I don’t consider it so. In fact, it has taught me a lot about self-control and eating in moderation.

Back when my father was still alive, he suffered from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and eventually had to undergo kidney dialysis. He was so miserable that he even had to control the mere 500 ml of water he was allowed to drink daily. He had kidney dialysis, thrice a week, hooked up to a machine 4 hours each time, for 8 years. I remember reading out to him the long, long list of foods he had to avoid or restrict. In exasperation, he cried out ,”can you just tell me what food i can eat?”  That is saying a lot for someone who loves his food.

Ecclesiasticus/Ben Sira 31:20-22 has some good advice for us:

“A moderate diet ensures sound sleep, one gets up early, in the best of spirits. Sleeplessness, biliousness and gripe are what the glutton has to endure…. Be moderate in all your activities and illness will never overtake you.”      By R

4 thoughts on “In a NUTshell…

  1. Amazing painting! Love it. I’ve been gluten and corn intolerant for a couple of years and now it seems I’m reacting to almonds. I feel your pain! I have learned a lot from the process. In the US, corn is in 95% of groceries available at the market so I have to make everything from scratch, and seek out corn-free goods, which are very tough to find. But at least the raw materials without corn DO exist. These issues, which I find very limiting (restaurants are totally out), are what drove me to art. I needed a way to manage the stress. I’m not a kitchen person, so time there feels like a sentence of some kind. He’s definitely molding me, but with the art, it sure is easier. I like the subject you chose for your painting, and once again, your art is wowing me! Nice to have a kindred soul out there. Have a great week. 💜

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    1. Peace Laura! Glad you like the painting! I know how you feel, it must be much harder on you. I am more fortunate as i can still abstain or limit my intake (even count the nuts i eat!) of the foods i am allergic to. Another thing is when saying Grace before meals, i ask the Lord to bless and make the food that i eat good for me. I fully agree that art is a great de-stresser. We can create something beautiful out of something ordinary, and even if it doesn’t turn out well, at least we are still improving. By the way, your art is progressing so much. I am especially impressed with your last one – the sea and the sky, just beautiful. How about painting some corn 😉

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