Thy Word

This remains my personal favourite painting of all time because right after i started this piece, i read the exact same verse in my daily mass reading. What a loving affirmation from the Lord!

I took up watercolor painting over three years ago, painting infrequently once a week, but after a crisis, i gave up painting totally for six months before picking up my brushes again in February this year. Here, i must express my heartfelt thanks to brushespapers and createarteveryday for their encouragement to me, and to eugeneholstein for his quiet support and prayers for us. I am also deeply grateful for the wonderful support of my family, especially Ben, in pursuing my art again.

After much coaxing by my art mentor to apply for membership into the watercolour society, and encouraged by lindamartinandersen, i brought it to the Lord in my prayer. Eventually, i agreed to let my mentor apply on my behalf, and let God’s Will be done.

On Monday, i received news that i had been accepted into the watercolour society. It was totally unexpected as membership is stringent and there are far more qualified and experienced members than me. I feel happy yet very apprehensive as i really don’t know what and where God is leading me.

My fervent prayer is i will remain ever faithful to HIM. Far more important than any breakfast of coffee or tea, eggs or bread, is His daily WORD Who is the strength and life of my soul. I am amazed at how, with the help of His Holy Spirit, i managed to paint and write His Word over two days. I doubt i can ever do it again. 😉

   Matt 4:4

Thank You Lord for Your graces and blessings showered upon me and our family.       By R


11 thoughts on “Thy Word

    1. Peace Linda! I was very reluctant but you prompted me to pray about it, and i did. Incidentally, my mentor (an atheist) submitted this particular Bible painting (his favourite!) and 3 other pieces to a selection committee. God sure works in very mysterious ways. I thank and praise God for everything. And thanks to you too. Please pray for us as we remember you in our prayers as well.


  1. It is easy to encourage someone whom God has blessed with such talent! I agree with Linda; you deserve your place in the society. Thanks for sharing another gorgeous painting with us here. I’m excited to see where He is taking you!! Congratulations to you! 💜


    1. Thank you Laura! I believe God blessed everyone with talents, just waiting for us to discover. When pondering what God wants me to do next with my life, i did consider taking up English courses (my favourite subject), learning ikebana (i like flowers), doing social work (which i did before) or even missionary work (but then i am afraid of flying)… Then finally, after praying for months, He inspired me to pick up painting, something i have not done for so many years. Anyway, I am happy to be His little paintbrush! 🙂

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