Here I am Lord

It has been a while since I last blogged. Adjusting myself to a new part-time job requires both time and energy on my body and mind. Thank God it has been rewarding but yet challenging, especially in humility and patience when I face strangers each day. I will share more about it in His time and through His will.

Whenever we hear the phrase “here I am Lord”, we would immediately think of Samuel. But the first person who answered that way in the Bible was Father Abraham, who made himself available to God’s disposal – to sacrifice Isaac as a burnt offering. No one can imagine that sleepless night Abraham had before making the journey, and perhaps that was why he got up early the next morning.

For years, I had not made myself “available” to God. My availability was primarily given to me and myself, and perhaps a pinch of it to my family. There was nothing left for God. He called, shouted or probably begged, but it fell on deaf ears.

This picture that I had taken 10 years ago allows me to reflect that my life now is like this sunset. And, with a silent heart like the tranquil water, my prayer is that I will always be available to God’s Call.
Amen.                         By B

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