Parable of a million dollar cleaner

“If you ask me to choose between a monthly salary of a million dollars as a cleaner or a thousand dollars as a CEO, I’ll pick the latter”, this elderly gentleman said to me.  

His reason: so that he feels better in front of others when they exchange name cards.

“A cleaner doesn’t carry a name card, right?” He added.  A little further into our conversation, he started to complain about his university-undergraduate daughter.  “This girl is weird!” He said, “why does she choose a vacation job as a waitress? And allow others to order her around?”

While reflecting on this conversation, I realized that each of us has a value-system in us, like a weighing machine, or a measuring tape. We place life events and decisions on one side of the scale, and balance it with our value-system, so as to gauge their ‘worthiness’. What sounded absurd to me made perfect sense to that successful old man mentioned above, that status is all that matters. Who am I to judge?
What was Jesus’ value-system? If money and status were his passion, he would be a complete failure at Calvary. I suppose His life-long preoccupation was simply His Father’s Will. Perhaps you can share your views …        By Ben



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