Who is Suffering ?

“Yes, she is suffering, but she makes all of us suffer with her!” This man, who works as a tour-bus driver, told me bitterly over the phone at 11 PM several nights ago.

He could only call me at that time because he worked 7 days a week, 14 hours a day. No Sunday, no holiday, no rest day. He had no choice; he had to, because he needed the salary to feed his wife, three young children and an ailing mother.
His mother suffered a stroke two years ago, and the doctors were confident that she could recover some motor abilities if she continued her rehabilitation exercises. But she screamed so loud and often in the rehab-center because of the pain, that they finally gave up on coaxing her to continue.
“Since then, slowly but surely, she became bed ridden and required constant care,” he said. “And my wife, who is more educated than I am, had to resign from her work to take care of my mother. It is so unfair!” I met his wife when I first visited their home, an exhausted, frail lady with a frown on her face.

Selfishness has many faces, and many are unknown to us. When my father committed suicide, he could have been thinking that he made the ultimate sacrifice, but those he left behind are still suffering after 40 years. Similarly, my health, my diet, my choices in life will not affect me solely. It will have an impact on the people around me, especially those who love me. On the spiritual level, my sins will unmistakably cause the Body of Christ to suffer.        By Ben

“If one part suffers, every part suffers with it;
if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.
Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”
1:Cor 12:26-27 (NIV)

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