Kit Cat

This was my parents’ beloved cat, Kit, who lived 18 years, the equivalent to 88 in human years. While walking along a pavement, we had heard her weak helpless mewing coming from deep inside a narrow drain. Her mother was nowhere to be found, so we presumed she must have fallen into the drain. She was probably a new born, with her eyes still closed, like a ball of fur barely the size of one palm.

The sight of her was enough to melt my parents’ hearts. Despite their aversion to furs, they adopted her like a God-given new ‘daughter’ to replace me, just a few months after my marriage. When they failed to feed her using spoons or a milk-bottle shaped glue container, my dad searched everywhere before finding a bottle from a rare pet shop.

This love for Kit sparked my dad’s love for cats, so much so that he started walking around the neighbourhood, feeding stray cats with his specially made rice and fish dinners, delivered in individual packets. Kit adapted so well to living in a flat, even using a bath tub laid with newspapers as her kitty litter.

Later, when my father had to go for kidney dialysis, Kit would sit by the gate and wait for his return. When he returned tired from the dialysis, she would lay beside him on the bed while he slept. After my father passed away in 2004, Kit still maintained that watch for her beloved master who would never return.

When Kit finally died in 2009, my mum and brother were very sad and distressed. It was like losing another close family member. My mum had always wanted me to paint Kit for remembrance, but i had no confidence. Now that i am attempting it, i really hope it resembles her and that my mum would like it.

Thank you so much dear Lord for the gift of Kit our cat.       By R

My mouth will speak in praise of the Lord. Let every creature praise His Holy Name for ever and ever.  Psalm 145:21


8 thoughts on “Kit Cat

  1. Many people don’t understand that cats, dogs and other animals can play a significant role in our lives. They love and mourn very much like we do, they do have personalities and they make excellent companions. I hope your mom likes the painting because I do. Big up Kit Cat!

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