Emu Missing U

Hearing the news that an emu is on the run in the UK made me amused; seeing the mug-shot of it on TV made me laugh. I couldn’t resist painting it. It had such a mischievous tongue-in-cheek ‘grin’ on its face that seemed to say ‘catch me if you can!”

As with any unfamiliar subject, i started reading more about the nature and characteristics of emus. When i started sketching the emu, i couldn’t help but wonder why its features reminded me somewhat of the terrifying dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. To my utter amusement, i found out that according to a palaeontologist, an Australian emu is the most likely bird to ‘breed’ a dinosaur as it already looked like one.

While painting, i found it quite a challenge to prevent the cute emu from turning into another frightening dinosaur. I really hope i didn’t, but if it did, it’s purely unintentional. My sincere apologies to the poor emu.

Struggling with the painting set me thinking – isn’t it difficult not to stereotype people based on our encounters with them, particularly after unpleasant experiences? It takes a real effort on our part to remove our pre-conceived notions and prejudices.

Like this emu. Once i associated it with what i had seen in Jurassic Park, it was difficult to portray it for what it truly is – just an emu, created by God, loved by God, beautiful…and cute.       By R

So God created … every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.   Gen 1:21  (NIV)

PS I pray that God will keep it safe and that it will be found soon.


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