Thanks be to God!

Within the past two years, i had stopped painting not once, but twice – first time for a few months, and the second time for more than six months. Picking up the pieces of my life was very difficult, but i am so glad i did. Each time i persevered, i experienced an unprecedented outpouring of God’s Grace.

The first time when i picked up my brushes again was in September 13, i did the small painting above. It was just a simple vase of flowers to cheer myself up, but i struggled so much to put paint and water to paper that even my art mentor eventually noticed it.

Exactly one year ago, Ben and i were inspired to start this blog as a Thanksgiving to God, our Creator and our Father, the Master of our lives.

When i picked up my brushes again in March this year, i struggled even more to complete my two abandoned paintings. Undeserving as i am, i was accepted into the local art society upon recommendation by my art mentor in June. It’s nothing short of a miracle, and i thank God for His tremendous blessing.

Today, our blog is one-year old. This is nothing short of another miracle and for this, we thank God for all of you!

This little vase of flowers is a reminder to me to keep persevering, to keep painting, and to keep blogging for God – to share His Good News and all of His wonderful works.

For without God, nothing is possible. And with God, nothing is impossible.       By R

Many, Lord my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us. None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare.       Psalm 40:5  (NIV)


10 thoughts on “Thanks be to God!

  1. Zinnias cheer me as well. In North Carolina, they are sometimes planted in massive beds along interstates. I’m so glad you picked up your paint and brushes, even though it was a struggle. God has given you a special gift. What a blessing that you use it to honor his name and to bring pleasure to others. Thank you for also including scripture and testimony with your posts. My eyes are happy as well as my soul.

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    1. I only know them as daisies here. Although i like them, they don’t seem to flower or survive well in our climate.
      Linda, you’re always a blessing to both of us for all your encouragement. You are truly God-sent. I pray that i’ll continue to be His little brush to paint as well as i can for His Glory. Your last sentence really touches my heart. Thank you so much Linda! God bless you and your blog!


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