His name was Elvis, after the king of rock and roll – Elvis Presley. His mother was a rottweiler but the father’s identity and breed was unknown because she went missing for several weeks and came home pregnant. Elvis had six other siblings when we adopted him. He was chosen because when we pinched his neck and lifted him up, his legs were curled up. We believe that this action indicates a “hardworking” dog. And in those days, dogs not only guard the owner’s house but also got rid of pests too. It was 1974.

Elvis was a smart dog, a loyal friend and a playmate to me. He liked his biscuits with coffee every morning and whenever I climbed the apple-guava tree, he would wait patiently for me to throw some fruits down. There were, of course, many things that Elvis couldn’t do. He couldn’t understand the storybook I was reading and couldn’t comprehend why I stared at that TV for a whole afternoon instead of play catch with him.

I wondered if I had the power to transform into a dog, however humiliating it is to me, would I be able to teach Elvis to read? Or explain Hawaii Five-O to him? Perhaps to some extent; but probably not, because of his limitation as a dog. Just like God Who became man in Jesus; it was a million times more humiliating for Him than it would be were I to become a dog. And sometimes when we try to understand things that happen in our lives and Who God is and what He is doing, we are just foolish enough not to know our own limitations.

“Can you fathom the mysteries of God? Can you probe the limits of the Almighty?” Job 11:7 (NIV)

Elvis Presley passed away in the summer of 1977.
A year later, Elvis our dog died of a car accident, caused indirectly by me.
I really pray that dogs go to heaven.    By B

2 thoughts on “Elvis

  1. What a great relationship you shared with your dog, Elvis. Thanks for posting your story. I hope you reunite with Elvis one day too!

    Jesus loves us enough to do the ultimate for us–die for our sins. It doesn’t get any bigger than that! What a blessing. Too much for me to fully comprehend–just appreciate!


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