Jesus takes the wheel

Every time i make a transfer at a bus-stop on my way for art, i am always fascinated by the bird shop right behind the bus-stop. The shop owner sprays the big bird cages with water to clean them while the birds flutter around inside. I am intrigued by the way he coaxes the individual birds in their own cages to move into an adjoining cage to enjoy their refreshing bird-bath. The cages hang on the branches of the shady trees and there are papaya trees cleverly planted nearby to provide food for the birds.

I see the birds and the trees all the time, but amazingly, i didn’t even notice this old Vespa parked right in front of the pet shop till recently. It must be the owner’s beloved trusty old bike. I rarely paint man-made stuff but this became an inspiration for me. God surely has a message for me…

With Jesus at the wheel and me riding pillion, i may not know which route to take, how far i can go, nor where He is bringing me; but i know He will surely get me there and that’s all that really matters.     By R

I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.     Psalm 32:8  (NASB)


4 thoughts on “Jesus takes the wheel

    1. Thank you so much Linda for your encouragement. It is a privilege and very humbling for me to attempt painting His awesome inspirations. You have a wonderful gift with children and i admit i do ‘draw’ inspiration from your blog too. God bless your blog!


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