For God makes everything beautiful

See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.  Psalm 139:24  (NIV)

I am on the ninth day of my new job, a permanent one, after stopping for one and a half years. There is much to thank God and my family for. God has a hand in everything that happens indeed, and each realization fills me with wonder. Furthermore, He not only hears my requests but sometimes answers it with humour.  

You see, I was looking for a job closer to my home and He gave me one that is along the same street as my previous office, just 400 metres nearer. Out of over seventy job applications, I was called up for only five interviews and was shortlisted for the one with the highest salary expectation. God knows how much our family needs to survive. My new boss is also a Catholic like me. Another amazing discovery is that my job scope requires me to design and maintain the company website. I have no prior training or experience in this aspect, but believe it or not, the website is hosted by WordPress! God actually prepared me when we migrated our blog from Blogger to WordPress a year ago, so that I wouldn’t be as lost now.

I have never been a grateful person and that is why I am never truly happy. By sharing this, I pray and hope that I will journey with God in a positive direction and be thankful for my wife, my children and whatever I do. Amen.     By B



2 thoughts on “For God makes everything beautiful

  1. Congratulations on the new job! I hope you’ll be happy there for many years. God is molding you into the grateful person you are becoming. This post shows evidence of gratefulness, from the flowers and scripture selected, to recognizing the humor in the new job location, and for appreciating your experience using WordPress. You demonstrated your gratefulness for family when you remained constant in your job search and persisted for the sake of your family. God loves you and is there for you! He is grateful for your commitment to him!

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