God’s Worm

I dislike worms and cockroaches. I know God created them but still, they give me the creeps and make my hair stand. The more i dislike them, the more i seem to encounter them on many occasions. Maybe the feeling is mutual.

When my daughter complained of mosquito bites, i sprayed insecticide around the house. No mosquitoes were seen, but two cockroaches crawled out of nowhere.

Once, during dinner, i spotted a tiny white worm with 2 tinier black eyes looking at me from among the grains of white rice.

Two days ago, while washing some vegetables, i thought i saw a black string in the water and wanted to remove it. Only to scream in horror when i discovered that it was actually a 3-inch earthworm still alive, swimming happily in the water!

The baby cabbages were bought two days earlier and kept inside the fridge. I took a good look at the packaging to see the brand and where it was from. In Chinese were these words

God’s Creation (Brand Name)

with the tag line

completely cleansed & handpicked premium quality

followed by

Give God a reason for His Choice

What is God saying?! Am i the one who is God’s Creation, cleansed, handpicked and His choice? Is He referring to the vegetables, the worm or me? But He definitely made me laugh and my children were amused to see their mum hopping and screaming at a tiny little worm.

To think that the worm was packed, frozen and shipped along with the vegetables, kept inside our fridge for two days and still came out swimming was a little too much too bear.

In a nutshell, it is simply God’s sense of humour! Maybe He knew that i have lost that bubbly joy and easy laughter that i always had before our family crisis two years ago.

Maybe He’s trying to bring that spark of joy and laughter back into me. I can almost hear Him laughing.       By R


4 thoughts on “God’s Worm

    1. I always knew God has a great sense of humour but this is just incredible. He’s doing it to assure me He’s always with me and making me laugh to open my heart to receive His joy this Christmas. Thanks be to God!

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