5 thoughts on “Psalm 90 : 4

  1. Happy New Year. Billy’s drawings from the Family Circus comic strip remind me of your daughter’s art. There’s promise in her art. As for your art show entry…I’m so proud of you, Renee. Don’t say it’s “just” chillies and spices. It’s lovely. There’s a charity fundraiser in our area called Bread ‘n Bowls. I am imagining your art promoting it. You have such a gift. I’m happy for Ben’s mom’s improved health. What a blessing. Congrats again on the new job, Ben. Thanks for this lovely blog post and reflection on your many blessings.

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    1. Thank you Linda! Our daughter was turned off from Art after doing Higher Art in school. She loves writing just like you!
      I am always praying to God to lead me and show me how i can use my art for Him, and still fulfill all my family commitments. Please pray for me too. Thanks Linda! Renee

      Yes Linda, there is much to be thankful for. Although the new job is way too new and difficult for me but I can see God’s hand in many events. Ben

      We wish you a happy 2016 and may God bless you and your family abundantly! Ben & Renee


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