New Year, New Life

Yesterday, we spent our first Lunar New Year without my beloved mum. We deeply miss her in all the traditions we had – the Reunion dinner where we all gathered together at her place to savour her special dishes on the Eve of New Year; attending the Chinese Mass with her on New Year’s day; going to her house to wish her Happy New Year with mandarin oranges and receiving ang-pows (red packets with tokens of money) from her in return. After some other visits to her relatives, she would invariably come over to our place to enjoy some mahjong with us. This year, we received no visitors nor could we visit others as it is considered culturally inauspicious, especially to those who are non-Christians.

Today, as we spend another quiet day at home, i stumbled across a piece of canvas i did in college of a Lunar New Year card. It was my one and only acrylic art piece. Incidentally, there are 4 nail holes on the canvas as my late dad had used it to cover up a hole in their room! My parents had always supported and appreciated my artwork, but not as a means of living. “You can’t survive,” that’s what they told me. But i knew they were proud of me. My mum visited two art exhibitions in the last few years, and only because my works were displayed there.

“The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom.”  Isaiah 40:28 (NIV)

God always works in mysterious ways. Just after my mum passed away and i am still having problems with my vision, i have just learnt that one of my artwork has been selected for an upcoming Catholic art exhibition. But, sadly, mum won’t be around to see it.

Coincidentally, i came across this quote recently:

“Love the people God gave you, one day He’s gonna need them back.”       By R


6 thoughts on “New Year, New Life

  1. Congratulations on having a piece of your art selected for an upcoming exhibition. Awesome!

    I’m glad you’ve made it through Lunar New Year. Sorry you couldn’t share it with your mother, but I know those memories comforted you.

    Wishing you all the best with your vision too.


    1. Lunar New Year has certainly intensified our loss. My artwork was submitted way before my mum’s health suddenly deteriorated. I feel happy but sad to be selected at this particular time. I can do nothing but trust God for His ways are not my ways. Thank you and God bless you Linda.

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  2. Your mother will see your art work and you will feel her spirit with you.
    I wrote a daily journal after my mother died and it helped me process my grief.I recommend doing that and let me know how it goes. See my book , “Letters from Mom- a Daughter’s Journal of Healing”. ( Amazon)


    1. Joyce, i realised that writing in this blog has helped me cope with my grief too, In the past, i used to do daily journaling but now i only jot down in a diary. I know that healing will take some time with God’s help. Thank you for your recommendation.


  3. Congratulations and condolences. I think our moms either still see all the good stuff, or they foresaw it and couldn’t say so. I think the loss of a parent gets easier in time, or at least becomes less consuming. 20+ years into my own, I’m still waiting for that time when I actually look forward to remembering anything of her and my life together. Anyway, thoughts of you today..


    1. I agree with what you said about our mums. The closer we are, the greater the loss. Just a few months ago, she was still sitting at my side watching me do my art, and i was also teaching her to do colouring in a book. Everything becomes a sad reminder. Thank you Carol for sharing your thoughts.

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