As i walked to Church this morning, i asked the Lord, ‘what shall i paint?” He answered, “Forget-me-not!” Forget-me-not? I didn’t know that there was such a plant, as it is not grown here.

But i know very well the plant called Touch-Me-Not (also known as Mimosa Pudica) a creeping species with pink flowers that grows very much like weeds. I remember how our children, when they were young, were always thrilled whenever they discover any touch-me-nots. They couldn’t resist touching the leaves to see them close, only to touch them again when they reopened a few minutes later. It was pure ‘magic’ to them and fascinating to observe how a plant could respond and move to their touch. I have since then found out that the foliage closes during darkness and reopens under the light. The leaves will also close in response to other stimuli such as wind or movement, as a sort of defence mechanism. Much like how a tortoise would withdraw into its shell whenever it senses danger.

Isn’t it very much like us? When we are overwhelmed or submerged under a deluge of crises, whether internal or external, we may become fearful, withdraw into ourselves or perhaps even attempt to give up.

Jesus knows my heart. That’s why He whispered to me “forget-ME-not” – a reminder to me that he is always there and i should never forget him.       By R

Praise the LORD, my soul, and forget not all his benefits–   Psalm 103:2  (NIV)


8 thoughts on “Forget-ME-not

    1. The Lord said “Forget Me not”, but i didn’t know what it was, and after finding out, i still had no confidence to paint it. Since you ask, maybe He’s telling me something, so i think i should try. Thanks Linda!

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  1. I was so fascinated by this plant when I was little. In Jamaica we called it, “Shame me Lady” or “Shame O Lady”.

    Your article speaks to me as there are many times when I feel sad or stuck as a result of challenges. I need to remember that Jesus is the Light, therefore I can be open, instead of retreating.


  2. Never heard of the touch-me-not plant. Forget-me-not, yes. But I love the way you tie the two plants together. Good thing that God never forgets us, even when we feel untouchable!


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