Where are the fishermen again?

I feel so hopeful and joyful! Isn’t this what Easter is all about?

Last week, i finally felt inspired and plucked up enough courage to complete this painting. It had been relegated to a corner for three months after so many setbacks and crises, including mum’s passing and my sudden blurry vision. I initially thought i would have had to give up painting altogether and do something else for the Lord.

God is Good! Each time i face setbacks in my life and i lose my zeal to paint, He sends His ‘angels’ to rescue me, my family and the people on this blog.  For this, i wish to express my heartfelt thanks to those of you who have journeyed with us since the beginning of our blog, especially brushespapers, lindamartinanderson, ropheka, and our prayer warrior praynman.

After receiving God’s Word to continue painting in spite of my vision problems, and a confirmation from Joseph that ‘Small or large, both are beautiful to Jehovah’, i re-started by painting much smaller pieces than what i used to do. By taking constant eye breaks, and painting for shorter periods, i managed to complete several pieces. They’re not my best, but i believe in God’s eyes, He sees my heart and my effort, and that is enough.

Incidentally, when i finally returned to my art class last week, i found out my art mentor’s cataracts (caused by plein air painting under strong UV light) and the psoriasis on his hands (caused by oil paintings years ago) have both worsened. It pains him that he has difficulty painting, which is his one and only passion. He sounded sad when he told me that he couldn’t see the boats that i had painted clearly. Yesterday, when he called to tell me that his class had to be cancelled because of his swollen eyes, i told him i would pray for him. I was surprised when he, a strong atheist, answered “Thank you, thank you!” (He knew i am a Christian as i had shown him the ‘Agony’ and the ‘Crown’ paintings which i had done at home.)

Why are there still no fishermen in the painting? Because we, you and i and all whomever God uses, are His fishermen, sharing His Good News of Hope and Joy!       By R


7 thoughts on “Where are the fishermen again?

  1. Renee, this is lovely–the painting and the message. It is so good to see that you have returned to this and completed it. So happy for you. Thanks for mentioning me as one of your encouragers. MY pleasure!


    1. Thanks Margaret! You are so right about our relationship with God. I enjoyed reading your blog about your process in painting. You are so blessed to be surrounded by God’s beautiful creation. He must be inspiring much of your beautiful paintings! Renee

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