What shall we eat?

It puzzled me when people asked Jesus, “What sign will You give to show us that we should believe in You?” when just days ago, He had fed them with 5 loaves and 2 fishes.

They must have been amazed by the account of Manna from God in Moses’ time that they wished for Jesus to perform something more spectacular.

Sometimes, I wish to see amazing miracles too, or even to perform one perhaps.

Yet, in reality, I know I should not envy miracle-workers because I believe that the thrill will fade after performing so many.

Our desires in life often overtake us without us realizing.

Be it food or money or sex, we pursue them like moths to an open flame.

And the Lord knows this too well, since He ends today’s teaching with :

“He who comes to Me will never be Hungry; he who believes in Me will never Thirst”

By Ben

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